Optomec direct-write aerosol jetting off


The laser beam is passed through the chamberfocused by a lens on a nozzle orifice of a variable nozzle in the outlet of the chamber The focus of an intense fs laser beam is translated within a photo-polymerizable matrix, which is locally cross-linked through the excitation of a two photon-initiator.

Another substrate treatment comprises a washing or rinsing process. The present invention offers a superior deposition device compared to prior, conventional techniques such as inkjet printing. This sensitivity requires a manufacturing optomec direct-write aerosol jetting off that can deposit and process the material at low temperatures.

A gas stream is produced to carry particles of material of varying size and mass. Advances and challenges in explaining Scheller, B.

In this method, a series of virtual impactors can be used to densify the gas stream by stripping off more and more of the carrier gas. Alternative embodiments of the invention include capabilities for heating the substrate by laser illumination or by increasing the ambient temperature.

Although ink jet printing offers a relatively versatile and inexpensive process for applying a material to a substrate, ink jet printing is generally limited to placing exceedingly thin layers of ink on paper or cloth which are essentially two-dimensional.

NC issued by the U. The in droplet impact process, numerical computations ink droplet diameter is usually in a narrow range of have remained challanging.

This invention enables the transportation of particles along the fiber over long distances, and also includes processes for guiding a wide variety of material particles, including solids and aerosol particles, along an optical fiber to a desired destination.

Since the deposition is a physical impaction process, it may be advantageous to present only droplets of a certain size to the target. The sheath gas stream may be produced from a pressurized system. A pre-treated deposit is therefore laid on the substrate This cannot be increased endlessly since the laminar flow nature of the sheath gas cannot be compromised.

Other examples of multilayer applications include sub-micron layers for fuel cell applications, high-density interconnect backplanes organic and metal for flat panel displays, and micro-sensors for avionics. A number of precursor and particulate materials may be used to create composite structures having gradient chemical, thermal, mechanical, optical and other properties.

A method as recited in claim 1wherein said heating step is performed in a reducing atmosphere. The ability of the Aerosol Jet system to deposit conductive, insulating, and adhesive materials layer-by-layer within a single system makes it an attractive solution for the production of embedded passives.

The sheath gas preferably comprises compressed air or an inert gas, and may contain a modified solvent vapor content.

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In general, the atomizer 12 is responsible for reducing or dividing the source material into discrete particles. In this process, it is desirable to strip off only gas, and have the electronic component particles generated at the atomizer be contained in the flow which ultimately impacts the substrate.

Other successes with multi-layer deposits have been in the life sciences area, such as the generation of biosensor structures. The nozzle orifice is adjustable, preferably electrostatically, depending on the size of a feature to be deposited on the substrate For example, if the laser 12 is a pulsed UV laser, the laser-transparent support 15 may be an UV-transparent material including but not limited to quartz or machine etched quartz.

A method as recited in claim 37, wherein said substrate is a flexible substrate. Effect of mechanism of a splash on a dry solid surface. Scaling of the splash thresh- Matter 11, However, certain substrates tend to have limited temperature capability, for example polycarbonate and polyester, have a temperature limitation of around C.

The method can also be carried out under one or more controlled conditions selected from the group consisting of humidity, atmospheric composition, air pressure, temperature, and sterility. London A It is only necessary to control the relative positions of the components such that the laser energy 14 strikes the target substrate 17 at the desired defined target location, and the desorbed composite material 16 lands on the receiving substrate 18 at the desired defined receiving location.

3D Printed Electronics via Aerosol Jet® • Aerosol Jetting technology! • Maskless deposition of functional inks! • CAD Driven, Direct Write process! Capability! • Non-contact! • 2D & 3D process!

• Scalability: fine printed features to wide area! High Utility!. Fuel3D, a developer of 3D scanning solutions, announced that it has closed a funding round totaling $ million (£4 million).

This funding builds on the company's initial $ m. e. repeating steps (a) through (d) (with the substrate being the original substrate plus the added solidified feedstock material) to build up the desired article whereby each portion of the applied feedstock is melted more than once during the process.

You can find out more about Optomec and their Aerosol Jet Technology here, and if you’d like to read more of the white paper discussing the aerosol based direct-write micro-additive fabrication.

Mike Renn of Optomec, Albuquerque with expertise in Materials Physics. Read 20 publications, and contact Mike Renn on ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists. Digital binary piezo inkjet deposition with a single nozzle Aerosol jet system capabilities will be the focus of this talk.

A stand alone F-Series process platform now capable of using industries functional materials in solutions with viscosity ranging from 1cps to cps for precision high resolution jetting on ridged or flexible sheet substrate.

Optomec direct-write aerosol jetting off
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