My hobby drawing

After completing my home work at home, I generally spend my lot of free time in playing football. So you need fun My hobby drawing too.

This hobby of reading books of mine was first noticed by my father and he motivated me by saying that it is a very good habit my son given to you naturally, never let this habit off and keep it in practice.

Drawing is my favorite hobby. I find the effect of water colours very soothing. Diversification in drawing has taught me various attributes that have helped me in advancing my skills.

It also enhances my drawing knowledge by informing me about new drawing techniques. Water colours are quick to dry. I draw different forms of structures which range from people, animals, building and even vehicles. Simple Shapes Cat Use Simple Shapes Often times, artists will begin by blocking out a drawing with simple shapes, rather than trying to tackle the complex collection all at once.

My another hobby is drawing. It should be fairly obvious that they are both arms, but the one at the top is kind of straight and lacks any kind of definition. I need to keep my throat clear so that I can sing. It's something I've enjoyed since joining, and I plan to continue doing it for as long as I possibly can.

My friends like my stole because they too miss the sparrow. My uncle loves drawing too; he inspired me greatly during my early days in this hobby.

My Hobby Essay

My hobbies are glass painting, playing flute and nail painting. Stamps are also very colourful. One of the things that's motivated me, and kept my interest has been writing drawing lessons online.

Even when I was in school drawing was not my subject.

My hobby Drawing Essay (300 words) for Children | Short and Simple

One of my paintings was selected to be exhibited in our school fair. Apart from discovering your talent, painting and drawing are a wonderful way to relax. There isn't much there.

Watering plants and gardening on daily basis is a best exercise for me which My hobby drawing moulds my mind and body. After completing my home work at home, I generally spend my lot of free time in playing football.

It's fun to switch between two or three pencils and see what kind of effects that can offer. Now I am 10 years old and read in class 5th. A permanent drawing is long lasting and cannot be easily erased. I have prepared beautiful flowerbeds in every corner of the garden and planted colourful roses, lilies, mogra, sunflowers, and other seasonal flowers.

Through books reading nobody can feel alone and disturb. Singing classical Carnatic music is also a stress buster for me. My mother buys sarees on which I embroider small flowers, leaves and butterflies. It's a scribble sheet that I used to create my logo.

If there are strokes of color that are not required, you can always scrape them off without damaging the canvas. Even when I was in school drawing was not my subject. A drawing is a picture made with a pencil, pen, or crayon. I love drawing because you can express your work in many differnt ways, there is no right or wrong way.

Pencil Drawing as a Hobby

Why my hobby is important to me. MY FAVORITE HOBBY: Drawing (Art) What is my favorite hobby and why do I like it? The reason I prefer this hobby to the others that I practice is because it is more relaxing than playing track or volleyball.

Short Paragraph on My Hobby Drawing

My leisure hours are always occupied to my drawing paper, pen and brush. The strangest thing about my hobby is that nobody taught me how to paint. Even when I was in school drawing was not my. My hobby A hobby is a special work which a person does for the sake of his amusement.

My Favorite Hobby: Drawing

It is our favourite recreation. It is our favourite recreation. A hobby is generally an art in which a person is. My favorite hobby is drawing. I love drawing it is one of my dreams that maybe will come true one day if I could become something it would be an artist.

Art is very relaxing compared to other sports it can make you look at the world with another dimension. My new drawing, did it today Hope you like!

^_^ *paper A4, pencils Autor: Sandritta o 8/28/ pm 6 comments: Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Sandritta Ostrów Wielkopolski, wielkopolskie, Poland Hello, my name is Sandra.

My Hobby Essay

I was born on October 16th in Great Poland ;) Art is my .

My hobby drawing
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Short Paragraph on My Hobby Drawing